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The Blissful 4th Trimester and Beyond

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

There are great childbirth education classes with some really fantastic and knowledgeable teachers, but where are all the classes to help in preparation for what you’re going to go through emotionally and spiritually after baby is born?

We take birthing for granted because without having children we wouldn’t exist, so it’s fundamentally built into our DNA. It’s one thing to physically have children, but it’s quite another to have children and allow the process of motherhood to change you in positive ways. You’re going to change no matter what, so you might as well change for the better!

What does that look like though? Of course, it’s different for everyone, but some of the common things that parents confront are: facing fears about whether they’re doing a good job as a parent, making healthy boundaries, creating intentional space for self through meditation or other inner work and setting aside time and energy for inspiration and creativity.

What can you do: always working to improve; ask what is needed in this moment; detach from ego -know that you’re going to mess up (acknowledge it, learn from it and try a different way next time). Ask for help. Seek out people who lift you up. Let go of relationships that are burdensome, taxing or toxic. Find freedom of expression. Tune into YOUR inner child to better connect to your child(ren). Know that children crave rhythm and nature (they don’t need a lot of stimulation), they love being with you (mom, dad, loving caregiver), singing, baking, handwork, and movement. They model your behavior – you are their first teacher!

When we’re under stress, exhausted, frustrated, or in chaos, we default to habits and behaviors that we either grew up with or experienced in our lives up to that point. We default to our subconscious thoughts and patterns.

So, what are those subconscious thoughts and patterns? It’s time to ask ourselves.

The first thing to do is notice what they are, acknowledge their presence in your life, decide if you want to keep them or transform them into something else – new patterns, new habits, new decisions, new perspective.

“If you change the way you look at things… the things you look at change” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Pregnancy is an amazing time and opportunity to deep dive into yourself; to choose to live life from a higher consciousness state, so that when you’re stress, overwhelmed, fatigued and hungry (basically when baby comes and the sh@t hits the fan), then you don’t default to the undesirable patterns.

Maybe these patterns are of self-sabotage, unkind words or actions toward yourself or others, escapism through alcohol, drugs, screen time addiction (social media, binge-watching shows).

It’s time to level-up your game – you’re bringing a new being Earth-side!

While our self-discovery journey is NEVER complete and we’re ever-changing and evolving, let’s do as much house-cleaning as possible, literally and figuratively before baby arrives! Clear out the old and lay a beautiful tapestry of love, kindness, generosity and patience within you.


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