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Stinging Nettle for Allergies & Good Nutrition

I don’t really experience allergies in my body, but it’s not to say that I don’t feel the effects of them. When my husband gets allergies, he gets hit hard(!) and my entire family feels it - his sneezes rattle the windows in the house and come so often and at really high decibel levels, that they seem impossible to endure. But he does endure (we all endure), and thank goodness his sneezing lasts for just a day.

He gets a break, we all get a break, until the next time. Whenever that’ll be. That’s the thing with allergies, they’re a bit of a mystery. Maybe the body is reacting to invisible particles floating in the air, maybe the body is reacting to something ingested or touched. And even more obscure or esoteric, maybe the body is reacting to something emotional.

Another one of the mysteries of allergies is why they happen in some and not in others, or why do they suddenly appear later in life, or why do they appear during pregnancy? I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to claim to know. I’m simply going to say what I think and what makes sense to me.

It makes sense to me that hormones have a role to play, it makes sense that age has a role to play (the body’s resistance/immunity may decrease over time), it makes sense that our changing climate/environment has a role to play and it makes sense that our life experiences, hardships and stressors have a role to play.

Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, each body is unique and it’s up to the individual (if they choose) to figure it out, to try different remedies, therapies, foods, herbs, lifestyles, etc. It’s a journey to finding what works and what works for one will most certainly not work for all. The body is beautiful and unique so listen to it, listen to that inner voice and be guided to try new ways of being in the world.

There’s a lot of information floating around out there about various medicines (like a pine tree in spring with its yellow dusty pollen flying everywhere) so use your discretion! But since you’re here with me now, I’ll make a suggestion; one that’s grounded in nearly 15 years studying allergies, herbs, diet and lifestyle.

One thing to try is a plant called Stinging Nettle. It grows wild in the springtime and you can recognize it by its leaves that give it its name - tiny hair-like stingers all over.

For people with allergies, Stinging Nettle acts as a natural antihistamine, which means that it helps to lower the histamine levels, therefore lowering allergy symptoms (i.e. sneezing, runny nose, itchy-watery eyes). It also purifies the blood (gets rid of allergens like mopping and cleaning house!)

For pregnant people with allergies Stinging Nettle also

  • fortifies the blood with folic acid, minerals, iron and chlorophyll

  • moisturizes dry skin

  • strengthens the kidneys and adrenals

  • aids with pain in the muscles and joints during and after pregnancy

  • relieves fluid retention

So, while you’re looking for something to help with allergies, you can take comfort knowing that Stinging Nettle is also really good for your body and baby!

If you have allergies, check out Lucidia on the product page to see if it sounds like the right fit for you (it's loaded with freeze-dried stinging nettle!)


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