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Lucidia Seasonal Relief

Lucidia Seasonal Relief


Alleviate agitation from pets, grasses, chemicals and mold while boosting your immune system!

You’re pregnant and all of a sudden you have allergies - what the heck?  It’s actually more common than you think and Lucidia can help.

Lucidia seasonal sinus relief capsules have been carefully crafted to provide fast and natural sinus relief with none of the side effects of common over-the-counter medications.

Created for people experiencing itching and watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, excess mucus, seasonal irritation, or reactions to pets. 


Sustainably sourced, U.S.-grown organic herbs to also support immune health, improve your liver’s detoxifying ability, and help clean your blood and lymphatic system.


A good-for-you remedy that makes you feel good!

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