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Supporting You through Pregnancy,
Birth, Lactation & Postpartum
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About Me

Hello, I am Kacey Moe-Vu and I live in San Diego.  I'm a mom to 3 kiddos and for me becoming a mother, and more specifically, birthing was one of the most significant initiations of my life.  And I believe it's that way for all women!  Unfortunately, sometimes fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep in.  But as your doula I want to support you in tapping into your inner strength and  perseverance. You are stronger and more powerful than you know and your body is meant for birthing.  Let's work together in preparing your mind, body and spirit for this amazing transformational experience known as motherhood!

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The body is wise

Wise beyond our comprehension and when allowed to be in its fullness of intuition and wisdom, then there's a real sense of peace, harmony and connectedness - with yourself, with your baby and with the laboring process.

Labor can't be rushed 

Birth happens in its own time and I not only call in divine guidance and sacred space for laboring mamas, but I actively encourage and support them to embrace & embody their power, to advocate for themselves and take control of their birth by knowing their rights and becoming educated about the birth process.

Birthing is very powerful 

Powerful, transformational, and spiritual Rite of Passage that I honor and hold space.  

Kacey Moe-Vu Doula with Mother in Labor

How to Get Started


Doula Service

Birth Keeper
Labor support for mother and baby

3-4 meetings prior to estimated due date to create desired birth plan; on-call labor and birth support; postpartum support as needed.



“Thank you Kacey for the hours you spent with us at the hospital.  It was such a long labor process and you remained a huge support during it all.”

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