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Bliss Dog Birth Doula
San Diego Area
Birth & Postpartum Doula

About Me

Hello, I am Kacey Moe-Vu and I believe that becoming a mother is one of the most significant initiations of our lives - so why dampen it? Why look outside ourselves or turn it over to someone who doesn’t know our body as intimately as we do?   As your doula, I want to support you in bringing that initiation into its full potential and richness!

Kacey Moe-Vu Doula and Baby
The body is wise

Wise beyond our comprehension and when allowed to be in its fullness of intuition and wisdom, then there's a real sense of peace, harmony and connectedness - with yourself, with your baby and with the laboring process.

Labor can't be rushed 

Birth happens in its own time and I not only call in divine guidance and sacred space for laboring mamas, but I actively encourage and support them to embrace & embody their power, to advocate for themselves and take control of their birth by knowing their rights and becoming educated about the birth process.

Birthing is a very powerful 

Powerful, transformational, and spiritual Rite of Passage that I honor and hold space.  

Kacey Moe-Vu Doula with Mother in Labor

How to Get Started



Plan your Birth during Pregnancy
Labor support for mother and baby
Postpartum Care

Bliss Dog Doula Package - $750*-$900

Rate includes creating a birth plan, labor support and follow up postpartum visit (*$750 for Military Families)

Plan Your Birth

I'll help you create your ideal birth plan according to your hopes, wishes & vision for your birth.

Labor Support

From the beginning of labor until after your baby's birth, I'll be there to support you. 

Postpartum Care

As a mother of 3 kiddos, I know just how important the postpartum period is (aka fourth trimester).



“Thank you Kacey for the hours you spent with us at the hospital.  It was such a long labor process and you remained a huge support during it all.”

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